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Hmm, on second thought...

Monday, June 17, 2013

I think instead of making Saturday my weekly update here, we might as well say it'll be Monday, since the last several have all fallen on Monday anyway. :-P

Last week, I wrestled with the idea of doing a fork of the Breakouts project, given that I pretty publicly said on Twitter that I was going to do so in June. Well, reality sunk in shortly thereafter, when I realized that it's already the middle of the month, and my Tangle game engine isn't really capable enough yet to really tackle a Breakout clone. Soo...

Tangle needs a more robust answer for handling user inputs. Right now, the InputManager class can handle keyboard events of various stripes, and that seems to be working pretty well. But there's no mouse or touch support yet, and there's a whole class of target browsers (i.e. mobile ones) that I can't reach until that's in place. So the game I choose to tackle this month is going to force me to finish that capability, which will incidentally force me to finish the next entry in my Let's Make a Canvas Library blog series:

a simple snake game
Yeah, Snake.

Snake is simple, yet enables me to play with all kinds of different input vectors: keyboard, mouse clicks & gestures, touchscreen tap & swipe, et cetera. Seems like the perfect choice.