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Friday, May 10, 2013

I'd forgotten how busy working from home can be. That, coupled with the fact that the stuff I'm working on is pretty fun (more on that soon, I promise!), means that recreational coding has taken a back seat these past few months. :(

It doesn't help that my next entry in the "Let's Make a Canvas Library" (LMACL) series is way too much to cram into a single post, and I've been having a lot of writer's block over how to break it up.

Sooo.... here's what I'm doing about it: I joined the One Game a Month challenge. Like its founder, Christer Kaitila (aka @McFunkypants), says on the site: "Starting a game is easy. Finishing a game is hard." Hopefully this very visible commitment will give me the swift kick in the rear that I've been needing. I've got a couple of half-finished games on my back burner, plus a simpler one that I think might help me detangle (heh) the code roadblock I've hit with LMACL and TangleJS. I also plan to blog at least once a week, on SaturdaysMondays, to report on progress. Otherwise, it's back to making games and not so much on the talking about making them. :)

Wish me luck.

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