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js13kGames: On Polish

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In my last post, I said that I had the basic tile mechanics (swapping, sliding, and group matching) in place for my js13kGames entry, Blak & Bloo. At the time, I felt like the next thing I needed to tackle was polish:

To have a satisfying experience, though, requires more polish... it's going to require custom tile graphics, animations, and tweening of tile movements. So next, I'm going to need to write a Sprite class.

Me, last time

So with this in mind, I spent a few hours scouring the Internet for suitable (and usable) fruit & berry images, drawing a custom "picnic basket" style background to replace the plain black frame in the prototype, and modified the codebase to use these images in the render loop. There's a definite difference in the "before" and "after" screenshots of this change:

Blak & Bloo gameboard with basic, colored-box tiles

This colored-boxes version kind of looks like one of those optical illusions, doesn't it?

Blak & Bloo with improved, image-based tiles

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the direction the art's going, although I'll want to tweak it somewhat as we go along, so it doesn't get too "busy".

Once I'd made these changes, I decided to check the js13kGames contest's Facebook page and saw that several entries had already been posted. I went over to check out what kinds of things other people were doing, and was blown away by the diversity and quality on display!

Holy Miyamoto, I've got to step up!

Hitting the 13KB Wall

Unfortunately, I got trapped in a mental cul-de-sac of sorts — I really want the polish that comes with the better graphics, but they made the payload much bigger than the contest's 13-kilobyte limit!

I tried a few things to shrink my footprint, with varying degrees of success:

  1. I base64-encoded the images as data URIs, hard coded at the head of my JavaScript code... no size savings there, because I'm using PNG images, which are already pretty efficiently stored
  2. I opened up my images in The GIMP again, and meticulously removed all the extraneous fields of color I could, if they could conceivably be drawn in by canvas fillRect() calls at runtime. This helped a bit, but not nearly enough to get my under the size limit.
  3. Finally, I realized what should have been an obvious avenue for size-reduction: I dropped the color depth of the images from 24-bit (RGB / true color) to 8-bit (limited to an optimized 256-color palette). This last avenue proved to be the most fruitful: I'm now back under the 13kb limit, with room to spare.

Along the same lines, I'm beginning to realize that my reliance on my minimal game framework, TangleJS, is making things bigger than they need to be. Case in point: the state machine code. But that deserves an entire blog post, so I'll save that for next time, probably in the post-mortem.

Two days to go!

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