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Legend of Canvassa: Development Milestones

(links will be added as each part is finished)
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  • v0.1 (first stab at movement & map drawing)
  • v0.2 (more efficient map tiling)
  • v0.3 (fixed collision detection, monsters and basic AI)
  • v0.4 (3 screen sizes, audio, and combat)
  • v0.5: "Redesign" is not a dirty word
  • v0.6: Taking Inventory
  • v0.7: Grottos & NPCs
    • expand game world to allow multiple maps
    • code entrances/exits as "warp points" between world maps
    • implement "it's a secret to everyone" rupee rooms
    • implement old man rooms (swords, hearts, etc)
    • implement warp zones
    • implement fairy ponds
  • v0.8: Buy Somethin', Will Ya?
    • implement stores
    • implement "pay me and I'll talk" rooms
    • implement "money-making game" rooms
  • v0.9: Change the World
    • implement bush-burning
    • implement wall-bombing
    • implement hidden grotto entrances (under bushes, behind walls, in the waterfall)
    • Secret Pond (dungeon 7)
  • v1.0: Going Somewhere?
    • Lost Woods
    • Lost Hills
    • Whistle warping
    • Warp zones
  • v1.1: Spit and Polish
    • cinematic tweaks (i.e. screen pans)
    • "teletype" effect for NPC conversations
    • Finish death animation sequence
  • v1.2: Persistence of Action
    • implement savegames
  • v2.0: Quest Builder