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On New Beginnings

Friday, December 18, 2015

So, this place has been getting pretty dusty, hasn’t it?

There’s a reason why my attention has been elsewhere the past year and a half, and I’m finally ready to talk about it.

I’m transgender. From a very young age, I have always felt a profound and deep disconnect between my inner and outer selves. But until I left the religion that was such a huge force in my life, I was too afraid to do anything about it.

Over the past year, I’ve gradually begun living openly & authentically as myself for the first time in my life. My partner, co-workers, and close friends & family all call me Rye. Our kids go back and forth between “Dad,” “Mom,” and a nickname my youngest came up with, “Adre” (like Spanish madre or padre, without the first letter). Which I rather like. 😀

I realize this may or may not come as a surprise, and honestly, given the increasing visibility of trans people in our culture, it may not mean much to you (which, to be clear, is a good thing!). But it means quite a lot to me, and I felt like it was time to stop hiding.

As you may have surmised, this is not a decision I’ve come to lightly. It’s not a phase, not a whim, and I’m not jumping on a trend.

Chances are you don’t know me personally, but I suspect some of you may know me on Github, Twitter, or elsewhere. If and when we do interact, I’d ask that you call me by my new name, Rye, and use female pronouns (she, her, hers) when referring to me. I realize for some people this will take more getting used to than others, and I expect people may mistakes. As long as people respect me and try to get it right, we’re good.

Now that this is out in the open, I may have more time to blog here, or more to say. Expect some blog posts in the coming weeks, maybe even the resurrection of an old project or two. I invite you to join me on this journey, but if, on the other hand, you feel compelled to tell me I’m sick, perverted, confused, etc… instead, close your browser, hug your loved ones, and enjoy a hot cuppa. Life is too short for hate and intolerance (and I’ll block/ignore you anyway, so you’d be shouting into the void).

Cheers & Happy Festivus,


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