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DC vs Marvel Screenpack

DC vs Marvel screenpack
Last updated: 6 Jan 2008
Game Source: Original
Author: Scruffy Dragon team
Download: (6.39 MB)
Download No-limit WinMUGEN: No_limit_Winmugen_patch.rar (2.0 MB)

Here at long last is the first public version of the DC vs Marvel screenpack. It's got the works: custom font, lifebars, and sounds. (see the readme for full credits)

DC / Marvel Character Templates

DC / Marvel characters templates
Last updated: 24 Apr 2008
Game Source: Original
Author: Buyog (some sprites & effects by ScruffyDragon team)
Download: DCvM_CharTemplates.rar (1.84 MB)

These template characters have been developed to help new character creators to quickly build something that fits the style of the DC vs Marvel game. Each only has a few character sprites, but includes all of the MUGEN-required get-hit sprites as well as custom animations in support of many characters' special attacks (e.g. burned, shocked, frozen, etc). Each character template also includes a couple of starting points for special/hyper attacks.


MUGEN tools
Last updated: 7 Jan 2010
Game Source: n/a
Author: Buyog
Download: (40 KB)

A couple of little tools I've built over the past few years in Visual Basic 6 ('cuz the Old Skool is the best school) that have been useful to me when I need something a little more lightweight than Fighter Factory, MEE, or MCM.

  • MUGENSound This is a simple tool for previewing and extracting .wav audio files from a MUGEN .snd file. It's useful to me when I'm coding up something quick in a text editor and can't remember the group and number of a specific sound effect I need and added earlier (it's also useful for dumping .wav files for sound effects of moves that Parasite has permission of their creators to steal & copy, which is how I personally use it most often). Just click the folder button to tell it the path to the .snd file, and it will populate the list box with all of the sounds it contains, identified by (group,number). Highlight a single sound and hit the single-triangle play button, and it will play that sound. Hit the triple-arrow button, and it will start to play all of the sounds in the list (the X button cancels the process). The disk button gives you the option to save the sound file as a .wav that you can use for other things (provided of course that you have permission if you're going to use it in your own MUGEN creations).
  • AIRCheck I built this tool in a speed run last night to help me track down some "missing sprite" issues in my recent Parasite release. If you have characters that appear to have missing sprites, i.e. they disappear during moves where you don't expect them to be invisible, than this tool will help you catch them. Give it the path to the .sff and .air files, and it will chew through them both, and give you a list of all the sprites referenced in the .air file that don't exist in the .sff, along with the animation definition where the reference occurs, so you can easily go in with your text editor of choice and hand-edit the animation to remove or correct the offending lines. It took a few hours to write, but helped me solve Parasite's sprite problems in a matter of minutes instead of the hours of tedious searching it would have required otherwise.
  • MUGENFont This is just a quick and dirty tool I wrote to build a MUGEN .fnt file, given the appropriately-formatted .pcx and text files. Honestly there are other tools that do this better (Font Editor, for example), but this one is mine so I thought I'd include it anyway.

(note that you may need to install the 1MB VB 6 runtimes, unless you already have them on your machine from another VB app. If the tools don't run when you extract them from the archive, install the runtime and try again)